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I’m deeply honored and most grateful that you would take the time to buy and read this book. Many hours and much care went into the writing, and specifically with You in mind. As my personal special thank you here are the Bonus FREE Downloads that I promised.

  • Best Year of Your Life Plan
  • Monthly Planner Worksheet
  • New Daily Habits Action Sheet
  • Energy Drains Checklist
  • Values Test
  • Positive Affirmations

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A Little More About Me….

Hunter Phoenix is one of North America’s top Life Coaches, internationally acclaimed speaker, and best selling author of “Perfect Lives … and Other Fairy Tales” ….. A handbook for creating an extraordinary life. Hunter is renowned for her laser like clarity and unique ability to get to the root of your situation quickly, creating an instant plan for the transformation and change you desire. She is a leading personal empowerment and success expert and has worked with hundreds of artists, entrepreneurs, corporate executives, engineers, research scientists, as well as financial, medical and legal professionals; as a teacher, consultant and personal coach. She has helped clients, just like you, in permanently shifting limiting beliefs and patterns, and learning new tools and skills to create an extraordinary life. “ I’ve found you only have to be willing to make a 5% shift… and then another, and then another. Consistent gentle action yields miraculous results.” ~ Hunter Phoenix Hunter continues to speak, teach groups, and offer high-level sessions to those who are really committed to a miraculous life. Ready to breakthrough to your next level of empowerment and success? Visit and begin your transformation today!

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This is more than just a book… with 52 concise, individual chapters, it’s perfectly designed to be used as a year-long coaching program.

It’s about doing what you want and getting what you want.

It’s about being in your own power… and living life on your own terms.

And I’m always here to help.

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