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Perfect Lives….And Other Fairy Tales


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So what do you do when the pursuit of happiness is making you miserable?

This is something I’m all too familiar with….

That sinking feeling when the success you desire seems just out of reach. When you’ve been striving and pushing and it still isn’t happening. And the thought of more self-development  and “self-growth work” seems exhausting.

This book is the antidote.

Perfect Lives and Other Fairy Tales….is about…..

Life Mastery.

It’s about doing what you want

and getting what you want.

It’s about being in your own power

And living life on your own terms.

It’s a really practical guide to life….

…all the thing you wish you’re parents had told you about success

but they just didn’t know.

It’s broken down in 52 micro chapters

Each one can be read in 10 minutes or less

There is a coaching exercise at the end of almost every chapter…

And every chapter is stand-alone…

it doesn’t depend on the one before or after it.

There are chapters on money, communications, self-care, over-coming procrastination, productivity.

This is a handbook for living an incredible life!


It’s a practical approach, a hands on guide, a step-by-step playbook to life.  One that is simple and clear. And gives you the the tools you need to produce BIG results.

It doesn’t pretend that you can get it all done or even that you should. What it does do is give you a  plan to take back control of your life and your schedule, to set clear personal boundaries and to steadily move forward and gradually achieve your dreams and desires.

The 52 simple steps can be used as a weekly, one year plan, or individually in any order you like.

I want to help you live your BEST life – even if it is a little imperfect.


From My Heart to Yours,


About Hunter

Hunter Phoenix is one of North America’s top Life Coaches, internationally acclaimed speaker, and best selling author of “Perfect Lives … and Other Fairy Tales” ….. A handbook for creating an extraordinary life. Hunter is renowned for her laser like clarity and unique ability to get to the root of your situation quickly, creating an instant plan for the transformation and change you desire. She is a leading personal empowerment and success expert and has worked with hundreds of artists, entrepreneurs, corporate executives, engineers, research scientists, as well as financial, medical and legal professionals; as a teacher, consultant and personal coach. She has helped clients, just like you, in permanently shifting limiting beliefs and patterns, and learning new tools and skills to create an extraordinary life. “ I’ve found you only have to be willing to make a 5% shift… and then another, and then another. Consistent gentle action yields miraculous results.” ~ Hunter Phoenix Hunter continues to speak, teach groups, and offer high-level sessions to those who are really committed to a miraculous life.

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